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Hi-Fructose Magazine Vol. 28 Preview!

Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine Vol.28 will be on stands in July! We begin this issue with the evocative graphic paintings of Sachin Teng, and then discover the site-specific paintings of Rotterdam’s Daan Botlek until we get absorbed into the patterns of Alison Blickle’s figurative paintings. This is followed by the provocative tapestried sculptures of Frédérique Morrel.

In this issue, we also present a beautiful 16-page Hi-Fructose Sketchbook insert which explores the brilliant works on paper of Mark Ryden for Ryden’s The Gay 90s show in a way that only print can. Ryden’s “Pink Lincoln” is also on this issue’s cover!

Next we delve into the biosphere city paintings of Japanese artist Masakatsu Sashie, then we dive into the infectious drawings of mcbess, then a feature on the exacting and skewed photo collage work of Lola Dupre. We dissect anatomy on the sides of buildings with Austrian street artist Nychos, then we end our issue with renowned Pop Surrealist painter Sas Christian and reviews on the new Liz McGrath book and more!

Pre-Order Hi-Fructose Vol.28 here! See preview spreads below:

MORE: http://hifructose.com/2013/06/11/hi-fructose-vol-28-preview/

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Oscillating between grotesque portraiture and abstract gelantious shapes, artist Glenn Brown’s works apply masterful color knowledge with an interesting, loose paint application. The turbulence of the paint technique contrasts with the old world reference, culled from works already in existence and manipulated, as the artist describes: ”I‘m rather like a Dr Frankenstein, constructing paintings out of the residue or dead parts of other artist‘s work.”

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Scott Hazard creates photographic and text sculptures that develop two dimensions into three dimensional constructs. Hazard’s goal with these photographic sculptures and font filled landscapes is to capture the viewer within the pieces. As Hazard says, “looking into them creates an atmosphere of in-betweenness which helps frame the small extractions and resonances of the world featured in each work.” Hazard relates his work to visual poetry and feels that once the viewer roams into his work with their eyes viewing becomes a tactile experience. Scott lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina. - Zach Tutor

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Cityscape Sculptures by Liu Wei

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We can’t get enough of Ron Mueck’s big Baby. We featured Ron in the infamous Hi-Fructose vol.6.

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As seen in Hi-Fructose vol.23

“paintingpainting #21” - Steven Balleux

As seen in Hi-Fructose vol.23


“paintingpainting #21” - Steven Balleux

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Iv Solyaev

Born 1985 in Москва, Russian Federation.

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Rebecca Stevenson - Pastorale, 2006 - wax