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Glenn Barr‘s “Rooms” is the inaugural show for the Inner State Gallery, the next step in the evolution of the former 323 East Gallery in Detroit. Jesse Cory and Dan Armand picked up and moved from Detroit’s Royal Oak neighborhood and recreated it as Inner State Gallery in a three story brick building in the heart of The Motor City. Glenn Barr (HF Vol. 10 cover artist) described “Rooms” as an exhibition of scenarios inspired by a lethargic Detroit: “Images of wandering bars and bohemian escapists, electric streets and closing time, space gear and boas, all the while unaffected muses look down from on high,” wrote the artist. The show will features a collection of smaller intimate works and large paintings. Take a look at our photos from the opening on May 17. The show runs through June 16.



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Opening tomorrow evening in Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine is a new body of work, “Detroit Rooms,” from Glenn Barr (HF Vol. 10 cover artist.) Featuring his signature style of kinetic paint application that compliments the textured surfaces he chooses to work on, the new paintings further explore the world Barr has been cultivating for years. With a blend of whimsy and a penchant for the night life, nubile females fashioned in space gear share space with robotic monsters. View exclusive preview images here on Hi-Fructose.