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While the world celebrated the Olympics, which are taking place in re-purposed parts of London, sculptor Wilfred Wood (featured in Hi-Fructose Collected Edition vol.2) reflects on the anniversary of a less joyous event in London: last year’s riots and, more specifically, their participants. Wood lives in Hackney (where the majority of the London riots happened), which is now host to many events for the Olympic games.

We’ve always loved how the sculptor can pay tribute, yet poke fun of his subject simultaneously, much like in a drawn caricature. His forms are abstract, yet never fail to include not-so-obvious details, like the razor burns on a neck or a freshly popped pimple scab. The busts of his rioting subjects are both heroic and idiotic, like most of us humans. See more of Wilfred Wood’s “Wilders” sculptures, courtesy of the artist.



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