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While he is currently barred from leaving China, renowned artist and activist Ai Weiwei has been working on “@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz” since his release from prison in 2011. Incarcerated for his politically outspoken artwork, Ai used his experience as fuel for a unique exhibition that fills the historical former prison and military fortress with site-specific installations that draw attention to human rights crises worldwide. Orchestrated remotely with the help of San Francisco-based curator Cheryl Haines and legions of volunteers, the exhibition is as much a spectacle as it is an educational experience. See more exclusive photos on Hi-Fructose.

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We recently spotted Aryz’s massive wall at the We AArt mural festival in Denmark (see our coverage here) and shortly after, the prolific Spanish artist traveled to Vilnius, Lithuania to paint a new mural for the Vilnius Street Art Festival. Aryz took an atypical route in the creation of this piece: though it appears geometrically organized and precise, he painted the mural without sketching out his idea prior to coming to the wall. Before he arrived, the wall already had the words “Kaip Ne Žmogus” (or, “Not Like Human”) tagged on it. Aryz incorporated the text into his piece, and it seems to fittingly describe this otherworldly scene.

See more on Hi-Fructose. Photos by Henrik Haven.

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Liu Guangguang was born in China’s Gansu province. He attended Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art. He lives and works in Shenyang and Beijing. He’s a member of the Beijing-based EDGE Creative Collective.

His recent work is about scale. His figures (and animals) go about their normal activity. They check their phones. They play cards. They get ready for bed. The people smile without a care in the world. Despite the normalcy of each image, something’s unusual, if not wrong. Either the figures have miniature heads or else their bodies are gigantic. Their fingers and necks are elongated. A few have huge eyes. One woman has the floppy ears and trunk of an elephant. Read more on Hi-Fructose.

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Chris Buzelli
Where The Lost Things Are


Chris Buzelli

Where The Lost Things Are

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Escape: 3D Art by Yuki Matsueda

Incredible 3 dimensional art pieces by Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda.

Yuki was born in Ibaraki, Japan in 1980. He graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts
and has a PhD in Design.

“The desire to escape from the constraints and separate from the standard of the ordinary is what has inspired Matsueda for this series of works in 3D.”

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Esao Andrews


A detail from “Monsoon II” for my show, “Epilogues” in the project room @jonathanlevinegallery next month. Oct 11. Contact the gallery for any questions/ inquiries #jonathanlevinegallery #esaoandrews


A detail from “Monsoon II” for my show, “Epilogues” in the project room @jonathanlevinegallery next month. Oct 11. Contact the gallery for any questions/ inquiries #jonathanlevinegallery #esaoandrews

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Born in Wexford, Jimmy Lawlor now lives and works in Mayo. Initially working in the field of Illustration, Jimmy opted to devote all of his time to a career in fine art painting in the late 1990s. He has since exhibited extensively in galleries throughout Ireland and had many images published alongside magazine articles and advertisements.
Jimmy’s work derives its inspiration from his pastoral surroundings. He presents familiar scenes of rural Ireland: the people, towns, landscapes and animals, but with a humorous twist; often illustrating literal transcriptions of colloquial expressions.  via Oisín Gallery


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Joe Fenton

Ivory paint effect with acrylics/Polyurethane resin sculpture on hand carved Mahogany plaque, 18” x 40” Each edition includes 3 original drawings rendered in inks, crayon and acrylics. For info on pricing and availability please contact - info@galleryhouse.ca
You can watch the film of the creation process here - http://youtu.be/yxOH16BrTXk

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Technicolor maven Maya Hayuk recently opened her solo show “Alles Klar” at Die Kunstagentin in Cologne, Germany. Sparsely hung on the gallery’s white, painted-brick walls, the painter and muralist’s neon creations have room to breath without overwhelming the viewer. After all, Hayuk almost solely uses neon hues, often overlapping them in kaleidoscopic patterns that subtly evoke folk art forms such as weaving. Each piece attracts the eye like a nexus of energy — as if Hayuk’s intense color choices have a sort of gravitational pull. On a mural created at the entrance of the gallery, Hayuk turns up the volume, subsuming a corner of the space in refracted rainbows. See more on Hi-Fructose.

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A notorious former prison off of San Francisco’s coast will be the site of Ai Weiwei’s latest exhibition, “@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz,” opening September 27. The renowned Chinese artist — who has served time behind bars in his native country for the politically outspoken content of his work — has been working remotely on the site-specific project in a transcontinental collaboration between Beijing and San Francisco with curator Cheryl Haines. Because Ai Weiwei is currently on house arrest for tax evasion in Beijing, the project took three years of planning and nine months of making with the help of many volunteers. He will personally never see the work. Read more on Hi-Fructose.

Photos via KQED.