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We spoke with twin artists How and Nosm about their current show at Pace Prints in NYC. Read the interview on Hi-Fructose.

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Sandra Chevrier flips the macho ethos of superhero comic books on its head with her collaged portraits. See more of her work for her upcoming show at Mirus Gallery on Hi-Fructose.

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Shigeki Hayashi’s ceramic robo babies, now on Hi-Fructose!

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Shinji Tokushima’s Fantastic Realism

1966 Shinji Himeno in Tokushima , Japan, was born. 1988 showed him in Tokyo, the wife of the Japanese ambassador in Bonn in a German magazine, the Peasants’ War Panorama of Tübke in Bad Frankenhausen. The encounter with this monumental paintings in large paintings impressed Shinji Himeno so much that he decided to go to Germany to learn the artistic crafts. Therefore, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, he moved first to Berlin. In the fall of 1991 Shinji Himeno went to an art opening to Leipzig, where he Tübke , representatives of the so-called Leipzig School , personally met. He told him that he had come with the desire to Germany to study with him. At this time Tübke no longer taught, however, already own at the School of Visual Arts in Leipzig, but advised him definitely a study in the prestigious art academy. So Shinji Himeno completed his undergraduate studies until 1993 in Leipzig, and changed for the main study at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna . Here he graduated in 1997 as a master student of Arik Brauer from, one of the main representatives of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism . Shinji Himeno lives and works in Berlin since 1997.


( Apologies for the quality, very difficult to find good resolution photographs )

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One of my 4 senior thesis posters. 


One of my 4 senior thesis posters. 

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Alexis Diaz’s surreal murals closely resemble large-scale pen-and-ink drawings. Check out more of his work on Hi-Fructose.

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The Beautiful Machined Metal Sculptures of

Chris Bathgate

Chris Bathgate is a self-taught machinist sculptor who was born in 1980 in Baltimore, Maryland. He still currently works and resides in Baltimore and has spent the last decade learning how to build and use a variety of metal working tools and machinery. He has assembled an elaborate machine shop of repurposed and home made machine tools, along with a multitude of other equipment and inventions in the basement studio of his Baltimore home.

His body of work is a collection of intricately machined metal sculptures that represent the combination of his unique metalworking style with a traditional approach to sculpture. By combining the math and logistics used in performing the complex tasks of modern machine work with a more emotive and aesthetic problem-solving ethic, Bathgate’s work shows that it is not creativity alone that drives human imagination, but also the need to solve and overcome problems that lead to inspiration. Be it through the necessity of his process or arbitrary guidelines set by the artist himself, each work becomes a creative response to a series of mathematical and subjective visual parameters. The result is a precise and other worldly art object that exudes a creative logic all its own.


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Leah Yerpe

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Tony Cragg is one of the country’s best known artist’s internationally. He is critically acclaimed for applying great skill in moulding and shaping materials into engaging sculptures.


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Anatomical / Botanical Collage artwork
by Arizona-based mixed-media artist Travis Bedel

cosascool- Travis describes his work by saying, “My artwork is cut paper collage. My tools are glue and razor blades. I cutout from printed vintage etchings and illustrations to recombine them into an amalgamation of anatomical, botanical, and other biological parts. My work varies in size from 5 inches to 6 feet.”